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“Lunch with a friend changed my life. As a career journalist, I began that morning reading the newspaper, intrigued by accounts of a couple re-arrested after 28 years for the murder of businessman Gary Kergan. I introduced the topic later that day at lunch with good friend, Ann Edelman. Boom! She knew all about it, since, unknown to me, Ann, a public relations executive, was a longtime business colleague and friend of the deceased man’s brother, Ted Kergan. I turned the lunch into an interview, barraging Ann with questions, but she provided few answers. She was already on “the inside” of the investigation and not sure what information was confidential. Later that day, Chuck Smith, a friend and investigator with the district attorney’s office, coincidentally visited my workplace. Amazed, I listened as he, too, recounted details of this crazy tale. Boom! I was hooked! From a journalist’s perspective, I became fascinated by the uncanny coincidences that led to the re-opening of this cold case. Yet, I was so very naive about how this years-long path would turn out. Working closely with Ted Kergan, the murder victim’s brother, I began following this story’s fascinating twists and turns that became the basis for this book.”

Chris and husband, Bill Blackwood, attend a Mardi Gras ball

Chris and husband, Bill Blackwood, attend a Mardi Gras ball

Chris is a Louisiana Women in Media Lifetime Achievement Award winner, having spent 40 years as a journalist, 22 of those as a city magazine publisher. She began her career as a feature story writer, then editor, for The Advocate, Baton Rouge’s daily newspaper. She left the newspaper in 1989 to create her own city magazine, InRegister. During more than two decades of chronicling social and cultural issues for the publication and its website, Chris was recognized by Sales and Marketing Executives International as “Marketer of the Year" in 1991, by the Public Relations Association of Louisiana as “Communicator of the Year” in 1994 and by Baton Rouge Business Report as one ofthe “Most Influential Women in Business: in 1999. Chris also brought her magazine’s pages to life as host of her own weekly television show, "InRegister on the Air," on Baton Rouge’s ABC affiliate from 1995-1997.

In 2009, she sold her publication, seeking new avenues for her restless creative nature. Following a career-long path of entrepreneurship, Chris has conceived, owned and marketed a number of businesses, including her latest, RussoRoss, a boutique with business partner Susan Ross. She and her husband, Bill Blackwood, live in Baton Rouge. Together, they have seven children and six grandchildren.


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