Charge a Learjet


     What if you had to travel cross country for a shot at justice and you only had a few hours to get there?

     Oh yeah, and it’s 1984. No cell phones, no internet, just flipping through the Yellow Pages next to a desk phone. And, a faint memory about a friend of a friend, not even an acquaintance who, in an emergency, was able to rent a Learjet and charge it to his credit card.

     That’s right: rent a Learjet and charge it.

     Ted Kergan was chasing a man and a woman, the last people to see his brother before he went missing. And, they were being held by far-flung authorities for a short period. Baton Rouge detectives needed to get there to question the couple but had no idea how to do it before these persons of interest had to be released. Ted Kergan took matters, and the phone book, into his own hands. At the time, Ted and his missing brother, Gary Kergan, were fledgling businessmen with limited collateral.

     When he explained his dire situation to the Learjet representative via telephone, that representative allowed Ted to charge a Learjet on his American Express card. Imagine everyone’s surprised. Ted was off to a convenience store to buy a toothbrush and met the two Baton Rouge detectives assigned to the case at the airport. Within hours, they were headed to Las Vegas.

How far would you go?


Chris Blackwood