One half of $100


Ted Kergan found someone who had seen his brother, Gary Kergan, the night he went missing, November 28, 1984. But, she wasn’t saying much. She couldn’t. Her livelihood depended on keeping her business open and if she gave out too much information, it might come back to haunt her. Ted wanted to give her some incentive to open up to him. He plucked a $100 bill from his pocket, tore it in half and gave the witness one half. He put the other half back in his wallet.

Ted encouraged the witness to call him if she remembered anything else about the night Gary Kergan went missing. Then, he would give her the other half of the $100 bill. One hundred dollars was a lot of money in 1984. Ted didn’t hear from her.

But, you’ll never believe what she did with her half of the $100 bill.


How far would you go?

Chris Blackwood