Crazy coincidence!

The story surrounding My Brother’s Keeper is steeped in coincidences and titillating twists and fates. Here’s one:


Memry Tucker is the daughter of Larry Tucker, a longtime  business associate of Ted and Gary Kergan, brothers who lived in the Acadiana area and owned Sonic franchises. She grew up hearing the tale about Gary Kergan and how he went missing in November, 1984. As a young girl, Memry remembers sitting on the stairs in the Tucker home, watching her father pace as he talked about the case on the kitchen landline phone nightly for a while. This image had a lasting effect on her.     

That little girl, who loved her Nancy Drew books, decided on a career in law enforcement, wanting to solve murders - particularly Gary Kergan’s. She worked as an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff deputy and then as a victim’s advocate agent in the district attorney’s office  Imagine her surprise when, out of the blue, she received a call in 2012 from a fellow officer telling her that Baton Rouge Police’s new Cold Case Division was considering re-opening Gary Kergan’s or as they called it, “Sonic Gary’s” case. She was dumbfounded. Of course, she became intricately involved in the case as well.     

How far would you go?

Chris Blackwood