Book Club Questions

  1. When does Ted Kergan realize his life has forever changed? Have you ever had an experience, after which you knew your life would never be the same and then you stepped into a new role? What was Ted’s new role?
  2. What three things allowed Ted Kergan to become part of the 1984-85 Baton Rouge Police investigation into his brother’s murder?
  3. Why did the district attorney decide to release the two suspects in 1985 after the initial investigation?
  4. What one piece of evidence was instrumental in getting the “Sonic Gary” cold case murder re-opened in 2012? Who played the key role in delivering “the match?”
  5. Who stepped up to help Ted with his new parallel-to-police investigation in 2012? What changed in Ted’s and company’s attitudes in pursuing the killers this time around?
  6. When deciding how to prosecute, what unusual tactic does Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings take (with Ted Kergan’s urging) regarding murder suspect Ronald Dunnagan? Why was that tactic such a gamble?
  7. How does Ted Kergan get extremely close to Ronald Dunnagan after he is released? Who covertly assists him? What do they discover?
  8. Why is it a surprise when the other murder suspect, Leila Mulla, accepts the plea offer?
  9. What is the most sensational part of Ronald Dunnagan’s trial? Why?
  10. There is a lot of synchronicity throughout this real life drama. But, the timing of the trial comes at a particularly poignant time for Ted Kergan. Why?
  11. How did Gary Kergan really die? What do you think?