Chris Blackwood


synopsis of
my brother's keeper


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If your big brother was killed by murderers who thoughtlessly tossed his remains, would you spend a fortune and 30 years to stalk those responsible and bring them to justice?

From the moment he found out his brother was missing, Ted Kergan launched an unparalleled search and recovery mission that put him on a collision path with a teenage-prostitute-turned-registered-nurse and her much older grifter ex-boyfriend, now a Santa Claus doppelgänger living on disability.

Ted Kergan tracked the couple's erratic footsteps through New Orleans' famed French Quarter during the 1984 World's Fair, where she sold her body and he worked in a porn shop and as a fully-costumed clown ministering to children. Within a month of their move to Baton Rouge, Gary Kergan, a charismatic businessman, was dead and his car found abandoned days later.

Fast forward 28 years into a world where DNA testing confirmed blood in the trunk of Gary Kergan's Cadillac Eldorado matched that of his son, Wade, who was just 11 years old when his father died. This "body of blood" put the Kergan cold case on the front burner. Ted Kergan worked with law enforcement officials to have the perpetrators charged with murder and returned to the city of the crime. The ensuing four years were a rollercoaster ride with twists and turns past a suicide attempt, a Texas EquuSearch dig for Gary Kergan's body and a trial in which one of the killer's extensive 1984 diary entries became the stars of the show.

Ted Kergan left no stone unturned the second time around. He enlisted the help of good friends and private detectives to investigate every detail about the killers’ backgrounds and motives. He personally traveled thousands of miles in this quest. He continually met with law enforcement to help plot the best possible case against his brother’s murderers. All of this was done at a tremendous cost, both in time and money. All of this was done, foremost, to find out precisely what happened to Gary Kergan on that November evening in 1984. His younger brother and best friend, Ted Kergan, pledged to get answers.

How far would you go?